"A great book that showcases raw and beautiful emotions. I have been following this author since reading her work on Wattpad and she has yet to disappoint. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Each poem allows you to not only better understand yourself but the author as well and gain new perspectives on concepts of love and mental illness. Truly remarkable work!"

Michelle Louijean

"An amazing book to read. From each verse you're able to feel the different type of emotions the author was experiencing during the time of her life. You're also able to empathize with the author and somewhat relate your own experience to her. It also inspires and shows that even in the darkest moments in your life you can still fight and persevere. I would definitely recommend to everyone."

Julian Kyere

"Made a kindle subscription just to read this amazing book. A good read from start to finish. You go girl! The sky is the limit."

Essence Hogan

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