Party Blues

I’m not surprised I’m lying on the floor of someone’s oddly clean bathroom during a party. It’s not like I even wanted to be there, but in my defense, I never want to be anywhere. When Tiana had talked me into this party, she was supposed to stay with me all night, but she disappeared the first 15 minutes of our arrival. I think she went chasing after Chris again, as if she didn’t already know he was with that new girl we saw him at the mall with last week. Sometimes I wonder why we’re even friends. Every party she drags me to, I end up hiding in some random room until she’s gotten her fill and then I’m allowed to go home, but only after she’s gotten her fill. She says it’s lame to go to a party alone.

The bass was buzzing through my body as I rolled my head on the edge of the bathtub. The white walls and cold tiles bad been enough to lure me in. The airiness in my head hadn’t let up even though it’d been a while since I had whatever drink the cute guy in the kitchen gave me. He said it was just punch, but I should have known that punch wasn’t supposed to taste like that. I tried to find Tiana but I couldn’t make it but so far. Chris’ friends were all scattered around the house and I couldn’t get my mouth to cooperate so I could ask anyone where she was. Somehow, I had managed to drag myself up the steps to the most secluded part of the house. I pushed on the first door I saw and ended up here. In the pristine white bathroom of whatever sports team members house we were at this night.

I have no idea how I locked the door, or how my dress ended up torn at the top. I don’t think I was followed up here, I don’t even think anyone noticed. My head felt too heavy to move, even as my eyes rolled around in their sockets taking in the dimly lighted room. I tried hard to pull it together. My phone rang from somewhere across the room. My neck twitched before I was able to lift my head slightly. There was still music playing from downstairs but I felt like that was miles away. Tiana’s name flashed across my screen as messages from her flooded the tiny screen. The letters danced together as I pleaded with them to settle on the screen. One by one, I was able to make out the words on the screen.

Where are you?

Did you leave?

Nobody’s seen you for a few hours!

Can you text me back? Your location says you’re here.

Chris says he thinks you went home, but you wouldn’t do that to me would you?

You mean like you did to me? My inner voice chided. I chuckled weakly before pressing my finger to the phone, hoping that I was typing out a coherent message. What did he put in my drink? Why couldn’t my body work? An assortment of letters floated in the conversation bubble that I sent. I was certain the word bathroom was in there somewhere. I slid my phone into the strap of my bra before I rested my weight the toilet seat. I was able to stand leaned against the sink. When I looked in the mirror, a knock sounded at the door. Tiana’s muffled voice was yelling over the music, asking me if I was in there. By the time I got to the door, though, Tiana was gone.

And I was all alone, again.

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